CFADD Impacts Church Growth

As a relatively new CFADD Chapter President and CFADD Pastor, we have experienced a tremendous shift in our church in a matter of weeks. We are currently taking all of our members through the powerful 10 week CFADD Family Development Sessions.

Some of the feedback we are getting is very encouraging! Members are addressing the dysfunction in their own families; They are learning how important family is to God and to society; Families that were separated are being reconnected; Individuals who have never stepped foot in our Church members are coming on Thursdays because they see the need to address their family issues; and generous support is coming from people in the community because they see the value of CFADD. (A quick testimonial… one of the mothers of a CFADD member tuned in to the virtual Christian workshop this past Thursday and was so moved by the CFADD Christian family training that she sent a donation of $100 to express her appreciation and support for this movement).

Another testimonial from one of our CFADD members: One of her sons was already an active member of CFADD, but since we have started our weekly church family ministry sessions, two more of her sons with their entire family have been attending the sessions on Thursday nights! And to top it off, one of her sons have been in church the past two Sundays.

I am convinced that my family, our Church family, and the families in our community will never be the same because of CFADD!

This is a testimonial from one our CFADD members.

*From Loren Phipps…

“When I first heard about CFADD

I thought to myself “yeees, I need this teaching so bad!” There is plenty of disfunction in my family right now! Something I have learned early on in this teaching is everybody is dealing with some kind of disfunction in their family! I understand that this is just a foundational course for much more deeper discussion on the matter. Even so, I am still learning some basics I really never knew before. It’s stuff that calls me back to my own upbringing and where it may have, so to speak, gone astray. Pastor Rob is doing an amazing job and taking his time not rushing through the Christian family training so we all have a complete understanding of the fundamentals. I am VERY anxious to dig even deeper into how to fix or reverse the disfunction in my family. I understand how it got there for the most part, but I am anxiously awaiting how to repair the damage! It’s unfortunate that we don’t have more time alotted for this teaching. Maybe a weekend Christian Family Training conference will be in our future. I would sure avail myself to attend such an event. I have many times stated that without family, I would have no one. Family is so important to me and God! Generational curses need to be broken! Wayward children need to come home! Unforgiveness needs be to eradicated! Unconditional love needs to be shown! Our families need to be healed! I am so excited for the vision for CFADD and I’m in it to win it! ”

A Special thanks to my dear friend Apostle Tommy Quick for sharing this wonderful vision of CFADD and for allowing us to become a part of this great movement.


Pastor Rob Corbett

Orange County CFADD Chapter President

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