Understanding a Biblical Worldview for Families.

Christianity is at the heart of CFADD’s mission. Our training stresses the critical importance of a Biblical worldview for families. While this is the central tenet of our movement, it can be a challenging concept for people who aren’t familiar with Christ and his teachings to understand. 

When discussing a Biblical worldview for families, we mean transforming how you and your family interact with society. A Biblical worldview is to put God’s worst first in how you respond to events in the world and your personal lives. We accomplish this task through the lens of scripture and Christian teachings.

When you choose a Biblical worldview for families, you decide to rise above certain moral truths. In addition, you center God’s plan in your own life so that you and your family are achieving success for him and not only yourselves.

At CFADD, our mission is to build generational Christ-centered families. 

We will teach you how to combat misinformation and ignorance that harms families and fight against cultural ideology and behavior degrading the nuclear family. Contact us today to learn more about our Christian training and start looking at the world through a Biblical lens.