Family Success for the Serious.

Shape Your Family for Success with a Biblical WorldviewCHRISTIAN FAMILIES AGAINST DESTRUCTIVE DECISIONS (CFADD)

Your family doesn’t have to be victim to the culture’s family disintegrating tactics, be VICTORIOUS.
You’re invited to join the Eagle’s Nest Family Success Institute on March 13, 2022.


The Eagle’s Nest Family Success Institute is offering a FREE Biblical Worldview Course to CFADD Members! This course is a great way to start the new year as this course will enhance your biblical knowledge and ability to respond biblically to the cultural upheavals that weakening the familly against your family such as the LGBTQ movement, Black Lives Matter movement, feminism, and so much more. You can visit the Eagle’s Nest Family Success Institute website to get more information about courses and register.Click Here to Visit Eagle’s Nest Family Success Institute Website
The information and insights you will receive during this course will be very useful to you and your family since organizations like Black Lives Matter have a distinct motivation to “destroy the nuclear family.” Topics will be addressed from a solid Biblical perspective with cultural relevance and relatability for the success of your family.

  • What to Know to Effectively Share Your Faith.
  • The Enemy to Family and Christian Faith exposed
  • Conversion to Culture, How have the believers fallen?
  • Failproof discipleship of your family, get in Church.
  • Who has proposed war against your family and church?
  • God’s Solutions to Family Problems

Believers with strong faith and knowledge of the Word of God will address the familial and cultural issues of our time. These seminars will impart scriptural answers for questions that many families within your sphere of influence are already asking and for which they are seeking answers.
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