Apostle Reginald Holiday

Bethany Fellowship

Apostle Reginald M. Holiday brings a wealth of experience to the CFADD conference as a seasoned Gospel preacher, apologist, and mentor. He has dedicated his ministry to teaching God’s word with a focus on clarity and practical application, effectively reaching diverse audiences. As the founder and Senior Pastor of Bethany Fellowship Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, he leads a vibrant community that actively impacts both the local and global spheres through the Gospel. Apostle Holiday also serves as the apostolic leader of Pneuma Ministries International, fostering a network of New Testament church planters. His leadership extends to the Bible and Ministry Institute of NC, where he is the President. Licensed as a minister in 1995, his nearly two decades of service have seen him serve in various capacities including Evangelist, Bible College Professor, and Church Leadership Specialist. Apostle Holiday's proven track record in ministry and leadership training highlights his qualifications as an exemplary presenter at the CFADD conference.

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