Elder Sumner Benton

Elder Sumner and Evangelist Breanna Benton have been married for thirteen years. They have three growing children. The Bentons serve faithfully in ministry at the Promised Land Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Apostle Tommy E. Quick. The goal of most importance to this young couple, other than living a God first life, is raising God-fearing children, and having a God-First family.

In addition to working at BMW North American, Elder Benton is a true evangelist who constantly seeks to save those which are lost. While being a dedicated wife and mother, Evangelist Benton is also an Accountant, with a master’s degree in Accounting.

The Bentons understanding of the importance of family is evident in that, more than eight years ago they took on the responsibility of also raising a niece and nephew. This couple is well-equipped to instruct and share concerning the challenges of raising a family in today’s society.

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