As ministers, pastors can use their spiritual knowledge and experience to help believers fortify their families. Pastors understand how to mitigate bad influences in the family unit, replacing them with a path to a stronger relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

CFADD will help you improve your leadership abilities by equipping you with the resources you need from a Biblical viewpoint. With these resources, you can identify things that hinder many families from drawing closer to Christ and intimately understand more about forgiveness, reconciliation, power, etc. Together, we can heal others and help the church prosper further.

CFADD Pastor Testimonial

“As a relatively new CFADD Chapter President and CFADD Pastor, we have experienced a tremendous shift in our church in a matter of weeks. We are currently taking all of our members through the powerful 10-week CFADD Family Development Sessions.

Some of the feedback we are getting is very encouraging! Members are addressing the dysfunction in their own families; They are learning how important family is to God and to society; Families that were separated are being reconnected; Individuals who have never stepped foot in our Church are coming…”