August 2022

Dear |CFADD Subscriber|,

I am excited to share with you, what the Lord has been doing in the CFADD community!

We continue to offer — and participate in — a host of events and other efforts to influence the building and sustaining of strong families and generational heritages by promoting a Biblical worldview and God-first lifestyle!

One event, in particular, I’d like to highlight is our well-attended Father’s Day Brunch! We had a wonderful turnout and everyone enjoyed music, the Word of God and — of course — some great food!

It’s so important to celebrate the fathers who are stepping up to be who we need them to be. I truly believe a strong community and world starts in the home with wise decisions by the head of our households. JESUS is the answer!

The Family Success Center

Creating a safe and nurturing family environment is important to your child’s success. That’s why we’ve created the Family Success Center, where we will help you achieve your parenting, education and career goals via a variety of programs we offer or through partner resources. This includes:

  • Taking an assessment of where you feel your family is in parenting, home and financial areas.
  • Creating a Family Success Plan — a series of goals you have for your family and the steps you need to take to meet them.
  • Working with a Family Support Specialist or Parent Educator to establish the plan of how you will meet your goals.
  • Periodic check-ins from your Family Support Specialist or Parent Educator to help with any questions or assistance you may need.
We look forward to working with you to help your family succeed. 
For more information, call 855-752-3233.

The Second Annual National Conference

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We are busy getting ready for our SECOND nationwide annual
CFADD conference NEXT MONTH!
WHAT: Mission Critical: The Family
WHEN: September 21-23 & 25
WHERE: 150 Kensington Drive, Spartanburg, South Carolina
You do NOT want to miss this powerful time together.
Reserve your spot today.

Leadership Huddle

With your support, we recently held our Leadership Huddle event, designed to immerse the CFADD leadership and interested partners in the mission, message and program we represent! Here are just a couple of takeaways from participants.

“This trip has put more fire in me than anything; we’ve discovered the reality is, without the dad in the house, without marriage, the institution the way God has ordained it, there’s going to be chaos, trouble… with the help of the Lord, we’re going to make a difference in our society.” — Pastor A.D. Lenoir, CFADD Chapter Leader, Miami Dade County, Florida.

“I am recharged, I’m reignited to go back and to fight for our families, to fight in our communities and rally our people to get together to get involved… Change the culture where people will celebrate families once again in our society.” — Pastor Robert Corbett, CFADD Chapter Leader, Orange County, North Carolina

While we look forward to our second annual conference in September, we have also been blessed by invitations to attend the Faith & Family and CURE Conferences

I ask for your prayers — that these events will continue to lay the foundation for better decisions, families and futures!

I am so grateful to all of you who graciously give to this donation-supported ministry endeavoring to help create a healthy culture and community in which we can ALL flourish! Thank you!

All for His glory!

Apostle Tommy E. Quick