Transform Your Life with Training for Christian Families.

When two people come together to create a family, they re-create the building block of society. The two of you are friends, confidants, partners, and often, parents. As a married couple, you build something special together. But success, as with most things, requires training and practice. Providing training for Christian families is a significant piece of what we do here at CFADD.

The world we live in aims to destroy our values, which are the things that make us who we are as Christians. Some agencies seek to disrupt how parents raise their kids and weaken the roles of parents in the household. Our group at CFADD is proud to provide workshops and tools for Christian families about how to overcome these disruptors. 

Additionally, while CFADD training involves a lot of curriculum and teaching for Evangelists, this is not about going to far-flung places to train Evangelists. CFADD sees plenty of work to do right here at home, and we plan to address it. 

We created this platform to share his Word and instruct others on how to best interact with the world to share his critical message. Contact us today to learn more about our training for Christian families and individuals.