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Being a Godly mother is one of the most important jobs a woman can have. It is not an easy job, but it is one that is rewarding in many ways. A Godly mother is one who loves and obeys God, and who teaches her children to do the same. She sets a good example for her children, and she teaches them how to live according to God’s word. There are many components that go into being a Godly mother, but below are listed just a few that will set the foundation for your children’s character.

Be a Good Example: A Godly mother is one who loves and obeys God with all of her heart. She puts Him first in her life and strives to teach her children to do the same. A Godly mother is patient, kind, and gentle with her children. They can trust her to do what is right. She disciplines according to scripture in love, no matter how frustrating things may get.

Study The Scriptures: A Godly mother teaches her children about God from the earliest possible age. She doesn’t wait until they are older to tell them about God. Every day she tells them about Him and His love for them. She then reads from the bible and applies it to her children’s lives.

Prayer: Prayer is one of the most important aspects of a Christian mother’s life. It is vital that mothers encourage their children to pray and talk to God daily. Prayer can help children develop a relationship with God and learn to trust Him. Prayer also helps children to become more compassionate and loving people. Children who learn to pray have a higher chance of growing up to be wise and mature adults. Prayer is a vital part of each day for a mother who is walking the right path.

Love them unconditionally: Show your children that you love them no matter what. Being a Godly mother is not about following the world’s dictation of what you should do. It is about being led by the Holy Spirit and following Jesus Christ. It is about sacrificing some of your own desires when it is for the good of your children. And it is about teaching them to love God, others, and themselves. A mother living righteously will love them because they are a part of God’s plan, and wants to see them fulfill their purpose in life. Also, a Godly mother loves them because they are a gift from God, not just a possession. Overall, it is about never giving up on them, no matter what they do.

CFADD is a Christian organization that emphasizes maintaining the family unit by putting Christ at the forefront. Their goal is to make The Word of God the principle of daily living, so individuals can prosper not only spiritually, but in every area of their lives. For more information about this wonderful charitable organization, visit www.cfadd.com. Also, you can call 855-75CFADD or 855-752-3233.

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