Family Champions are slaying giants…

Who are Family Champions?

Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions is on a mission to train Family Champions who are passionate about the salvation and spiritual growth of their family. Here are the things that we believe, value, and are on mission to accomplish.

Family Champions are:

  • Committed to walking with the Lord
  • Desire to model spiritual leadership in the home and extended family
  • Committed to the practice of serving and encouraging people to walk with the Lord
  • Passionate about building a strong family

Family Champions value:

  • Lordship of Jesus Christ – He is your Lord and you love him with all your heart
  • Faith heritage – passing the faith from generation to generation
  • God’s family design – redeemed families worldwide
  • Love for others – a desire to help, encourage and serve others
  • Compassion – for the brokenness and redemption of others
  • Passionate about the growth and development of families through training for Christian families.
  • Prepared to serve as a guide, encourager, and catalyst to help parents train and instruct children in the Lord
  • Certified through CFADD Church Family Ministry and Family Champion training program.

The family champion is activating everybody to grow as a group: Families that have fun together tend to thrive. They have common experiences around having fun that build relationships.

Family Champions listen and are trusted.

Family Champions Have embraced the purpose.

Family Champions Have a real commitment and motivation and perseverance over time.

Family Champions are a catalyst for change.David was a champion for God’s cause. He Slew the giant Goliath and saved thousands of families from pending destruction. God was with him and today God is looking for those who will respond to the call to be a Champion for the family and save families from the pending destruction. He was with David that day and God will be with you if you are courageous enough to answer the call.

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