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Parenting in a Woke Society


Parenting in today’s society is no easy feat. As we navigate through the complexities of a woke and technological world, it becomes crucial to seek guidance from biblical principles. In this article, we will discuss how biblical parenting can help us raise children who are not only culturally and digitally savvy, but also spiritually grounded and morally sound.


Understanding Parenting Styles Through a Biblical Lens

Parenting styles have a significant impact on children’s development. By understanding different parenting styles through a biblical lens, we can learn to balance grace and discipline, fostering an environment of love and respect. Ephesians 6:4 advises, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” This verse encapsulates the essence of Biblical parenting, balancing love and discipline. The authoritarian style, with its strict rules, mirrors the aspect of discipline, whereas the permissive style, with its leniency, reflects love and grace. The authoritative style, however, blends these aspects, offering a balanced approach with fair rules, consistent discipline, and a nurturing environment. It aligns closely with Biblical principles of love, respect, and guidance.Biblical principles such as patience, kindness, and self-control can guide parents in nurturing their children with a strong foundation of faith and moral values.


Balancing Work and Family Life

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing work and family life can be challenging. Biblical parenting encourages parents to prioritize their family’s well-being over material success. Proverbs 22:6 teaches, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” In the hustle of professional commitments, it’s vital to prioritize family time and spiritual nurturing. Create a schedule that allows for quality family interactions, devotions, and rest. Remember, your presence and involvement in your child’s life leave a lasting impact. By setting boundaries and prioritizing quality time with our children, we can create a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel valued and loved.


Raising Children in a ‘Woke’ Environment

Raising children in a ‘woke’ environment presents unique challenges. Parents must equip their children to navigate through cultural and societal pressures, while instilling biblical values. By fostering open and honest communication, staying involved in our children’s lives, and providing guidance based on biblical teachings, we can help our children develop a strong moral compass and the ability to make wise choices. While it’s important to teach children to be compassionate and socially aware, it’s equally crucial to root their values in Biblical truth. Encourage open discussions about current social issues and help them discern these through a Biblical perspective. Teach them to love and respect others (John 13:34-35), while holding firm to their faith and values.


Navigating the Challenges of a Highly Technical Society

In a world dominated by technology, it’s essential to guide children on its use. Proverbs 4:23 reminds us to “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” Monitor and limit screen time, promote face-to-face interactions, and encourage outdoor activities. Use technology as a tool for learning and spiritual growth, such as Bible apps or online church services, but be vigilant against its potential to distract and disengage from real relationships and responsibilities.


The Power of Prayer in Biblical Parenting

Prayer is a powerful tool in biblical parenting, allowing parents to seek guidance and strength from God. By incorporating prayer into our daily routines, we can teach our children the importance of turning to God in times of need and gratitude. Encourage your children to pray, and model the habit of prayer in your own life. Through prayer, we can find wisdom, patience, and the strength to navigate the challenges of parenting in today’s society.


The Role of the Church and Community

The church and community play a vital role in supporting families in their parenting journey. Through family resources, training, and supportive networks, parents can find the guidance and encouragement they need. By partnering with community organizations, churches can provide conferences and seminars focused on family life and ministry, creating a strong support system for parents as they navigate the challenges of raising children in today’s society.



Parenting in today’s society requires a delicate balance of grace, discipline, and wisdom. By applying Biblical principles, parents can navigate through the complexities of a woke and technological world, raising children who are not only culturally and digitally savvy but also spiritually grounded and morally sound. As Family Champions, we continue on this parenting journey, let us remember the importance of seeking wisdom from the Bible and leaning on our faith to guide us through the joys and challenges of raising children in today’s society.

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