The Instruction Manual to Life

People like to make excuses. They blame their shortcomings on the actions of others, lack of knowledge, and even their DNA makeup. We don’t want to look bad in the eyes of others, but how do we look in front of God? He has given us the means to understand all things and still we seem confused.

The bible was created to show how rules are simple. You might call this book the Instruction Manual to Life, but few recognize its significance. This also draws excuses on why we fail. The bible doesn’t make sense, the jargon is not of today, and I cannot relate. These are a few of the reasons why people set it aside for more modern teachings.

Lessons to the Young

The so-called complications of the Bible stem from never being properly introduced to its Word. When in an educational setting, youngsters are required to study a story and understand its meaning. The Bible should be no different. Parents and guardians are in charge of bringing meaning to its teachings, but few do. This stems from their upbringing and lack of guidance.

It’s time to break the mold. The Bible is the most important teaching manual on earth. It was written with all age groups in mind and covers the fundamentals of how to lead a happy and productive life. The sooner parents can share this amazing book with their children, the better.

Reaching out to Others

The influence of the world is a horrible place to begin life’s learning process. Children that turn to drugs, lying, and stealing are only looking for acceptance in an ugly life. Instead of closing the door on these misguided souls, take a moment to lead them in the right direction. Most will ignore your signals as a trap but will remember the experience and drift back cautiously.

The Bible teaches that it is our place to spread the Good Word that will lead to salvation for others. It may not always have an immediate effect, but you have followed the rules and have done your best. Teach your kids compassion for the unknowing and a side note of caution.

The rules are simple. Seek help from organizations that can give you the patient learning tools that you need. CFADD is one such group that is ready to listen, teach, and guide your experience in helping others to see the correct way of life. Call today for upcoming events and training programs.

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