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Sending children off to school when they come of age is thought to be a safe and normal part of life for every child. However, our public education system was founded with a hidden agenda and the deterioration of our schools rapidly accelerated after prayer was taken out in 1962. John Dewey, widely considered the “father of public education,” was an atheist and socialist bent on the gradual dumbing down of Americans through the public education system. He wrote in his 1989 essay, “Change must come gradually. To force it unduly would compromise its final success…” He knew that parents of our Christian and capitalist society would strongly oppose any blatant actions of their socialist plans. However, over 100 years later, we see the fruit of the enemy’s patience. In 1930, humanist Charles Potter wrote that “every American school is a school of humanism,” He also questioned what could an hour of Sunday school for a fraction of children do against five days of indoctrination within the public school? The easiest way to influence change is to target the highly impressionable minds of the innocent, the minds of children, generation after generation. However, the slow dissemination of ungodly ideas was not where the plan stopped. Another part of the plan was to dumb us down by destroying the literacy of this nation’s children. This has been demonstrated in many ways including leaving the traditional method of phonics instruction and using a whole language approach to teach reading instead. This is the long story made short of how Satan, the enemy of our souls, has intended to use the public school system to dumb down and indoctrinate America’s children against God.



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God is the creator of everything and as Christians our faith permeates to every aspect of our lives. The priority of true education should be the development of a Biblical worldview, teaching children how to think in the context of the truth of God’s Word. There is nothing that we can learn that is outside of God’s creation. Science is simply the discovery of what God has created, be it humans, plants, animals, oceans, weather, physics, chemistry, etc. What is math but a way of explaining the order of God? One plus one is always two because we serve a steadfast God of order. English and language is made up of words. God is the first to speak. He spoke everything into being. He is even the one to create multiple languages at the tower of Babel. The education of our children is not something that should be put in the hands of secular “experts.” Our primary responsibility as parents is to raise our children to have a solid foundation in God’s word, and a biblical worldview by which they are enabled to live successfully as adults, discerning good and evil and defending the faith.



Never Off Your Clock


Our children, regardless of whose care they are under at any given time, are always on our clock. We are responsible for everything that enters their gates (5-senses) whether we are around them or not. There are times when they are in places, like school, that we realize are not necessarily the best for them. Private school and homeschool, while a better alternative, is not always within reach for every family. Below are tips to help stay on top of what is happening with your child while they are in school.



  • Ask your children specific questions about their school day. Examples:
    • Is there anything you think I need to know about school today?
    • What did you or your teacher read today?
    • Who did you play with or spend time with today?
    • If there is something you can change about your school day, what would it be?
  • Be present. Volunteer as much as possible. Take part in your PTA. Ask your child’s teacher how you can assist in the classroom. Even if you are not able to be physically present be sure to email, call, and become familiar with all digital parent resources (e.g., school web page, newsletters, etc.). More than anything, be engaged so the school knows you are there!
  • Utilize the district, school, and state department websites to view your curriculum standards and what is being taught to your child.
  • Watch and pray. Remain attentive to your child and watch for any changes in behavior. Don’t underestimate your maternal instinct. And above all, stay prayerful and depend on the Lord for guidance and discernment.

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