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MOMs NEWS – The Barbie Movie – Candy-coated Poison

Social media, music, film and TV are tools the enemy uses to convey ideas that are contrary to the Truth and God’s design. As MOMs, one of the hardest and most crucial tasks is to guard the gates of our children in a world that is constantly bombarding them at every turn with lies and messages that are against the Truth. Scripture instructs us to be sober and vigilant, constantly aware and watching. 


Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8


The Barbie Movie has been called a “takedown” of toxic masculinity, a “master’s thesis on feminism” and “the most captivating and unwaveringly feminist summer blockbuster ever to exist” by Fox News and The Globe & Mail. While the film is rated PG-13, it is also targeting a younger audience. In short, it is everything we don’t want our young impressionable daughters (or sons) to see.

The movie begins with a scene of little girls playing with and caring for baby dolls, but they all look bored and unhappy. Barbie then appears as a giant, god-like entity by which the girls are “mesmerized”. They are then “enlightened,” and one girl takes her baby doll and slams it against another causing its head to shatter, essentially decapitating it. She then throws the other baby into the air and it transforms into “Barbie.” Notice anything? The first scene reveals an anti-motherhood and pro-abortion message right off the bat. Why play being a mother when you can play being Barbie who, as the company quotes, “can be

The movie is about Barbie who travels from Barbieland to the real world. All the men of Barbieland, the Kens, are depicted as emasculated and dependent on the women, including a “transwoman.” There is also an allusion to gay masturbation among the Kens. Barbie is depicted, from the beginning, as being annoyed by Ken, the man in her life. Once in the real world, men are depicted as jerks, at best, who control the world and suppress women, the victims. The word “patriarchy,” a feminist buzzword, is used repeatedly to describe the evil, man controlled, real world. Eventually Ken heads back to Barbieland and establishes

patriarchy there, “brainwashing” the women into submission. This leads to a war between men and women (Kens and Barbies), in which the women defeat the men and it is decided that they are better off living separately.


The message here is that women don’t need men because they can better fulfill all the functions and roles of a man themselves. Men and women are not depicted to complement, need, or love each other in the movie. However, we know that just the opposite is true. Separating men from women means there is no marriage and there is no family.



Candy-coated Poison


The trailers for the movie, of course, do not reveal the real feminist message

in it. It takes an iconic toy, beloved by many, and uses it to plant and water seeds (ideas) that are presented as anti-man, but at its root is also anti-

woman. Because we were created and designed by God, it is He, and He alone, who can define who we are and what our roles are. It is He who designed us to complement each other, which is even shown from our physical make up to our roles in family. This is what we teach our sons and daughters.


MOMs, stay vigilant!



Waves of Feminism


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Did You Know?




Barbie’s origin is from a German doll named “Bild-Lilli,” a form of a sex doll sold in sex shops. The first Barbie, released in 1959, shared many of Bild-Lilli’s attributes.


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